Data last updated December 6th, 2021

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Volume Trends | back to top
iBuyer homes for sale by day
Filter based on US State:
The above graph shows the number of for sale iBuyer listings by company. Pending sales are excluded. Not the big jump on June 18th was due to including an additional 200 listings that were previously not included. See blog for more details.
For Sale listings for all states
This shows for sale listings for all the states.
Added iBuyer listings by company
This shows the number of new listings for sale since the prior data point. This gives a better sense of overall transaction activity that can sometimes
be lost in the overall numbers.
Removed iBuyer listings by company
This shows the number of listings no longer for sale, compared to the prior data point. The listing could have been sold or taken off the market (usually temporarily.)
Total $ value of all iBuyer homes by day
Filter based on US State:
The above graph multiplies the number of
for sale iBuyer listings by the average sale price of those listings. This gives a sense of the total value of inventory currently for sale from each company.
Pricing and Profit | back to top
Scatterplot of sale price and gross margin
The above graph shows a scatter plot of sale price and gross margin for the most recent 75 transactions we could confirm for each iBuyer.
Average price of iBuyer homes by day
The above graph shows the average price of for sale iBuyer listings by company.
Gross Margin (%) by company
Here we show the gross margin (sale price - purchase price)/purchase price
for the last 100 sales for each company we could track.
Average price at different stages
This shows the average price of listings for each company when they purchase the home, list the home, and sell the home. May not match other average price charts as this only includes data points where all price points are available.
Price of most expensive iBuyer listing by company
This shows the current highest price listing currently for sale or pending by company.
Speed from Purchase to Sale | back to top
Bubble graph showing the relationship between margin, time to sell, and price (bubble size)
Bubble graph showing the relationship between margin, time to sell, and price (bubble size) based on the most recent 100 transactions. The last number shown for each datapoint is the sale price/100,000.
Days from purchase to sale
Shows the # of days on average from purchase to sale, broken up into three stages: Purchase to listing, listing to pending, and pending to sale. Note this is for all states.
Additional Reports | back to top
Recent transactions from Zillow, Opendoor, and Offerpad
All listings currently owned by Zillow, OfferPad, and OpenDoor

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