Two big milestones! Zillow passes 1K, and Opendoor passes 3K

by Ottie on July 10th, 2021

Two interesting milestones were passed over the last week.  Zillow passed 1K iBuyer for sale homes, and Opendoor passed 3K.  You can see the trends here:

It is nice to see Zillow get "back in the game", but it's hard to compare their progress with the huge rise in Opendoor over the last few months.  They increased by 1K - near Zillow's total number - in less than a month.

The other "not news but still interesting tidbit" is that 28% of Opendoor's for sale listings are in a single state - Texas.  There's obviously something appealing about the state - it's the largest one for Opendoor and Offerpad, and the 2nd largest one for Zillow (after Florida.)

To give a sense of Opendoor's dominance in Texas, here's what the map of iBuyer listings look like in Texas:

Will be interesting to see through the rest of the summer how high Opendoor can go, and if any of the other ones can bridge the gap (at all).

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