Opendoor almost at 2000 and OfferPad has the biggest iBuyer property ever!

by Ottie on June 12th, 2021

Two fun updates today:

First (though maybe this isn't really news anymore), Opendoor continues it's rise, hitting almost 2K for sale listings.  Zillow and Offerpad also saw notable increases over the last week, but the steepness of the Opendoor curve is just amazing.  

Second, 3 days ago Offerpad put a $3.8M listing on the market.

Big ibuyer listing  

This is over 10X the average price of an Offerpad listing (currently $332K).  Looks like they're experimenting with a different side of the market.  The earliest most expensive home among any of the sites was $1.5M.

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