My data is bad! Opendoor has MORE listings that what I reported

by Ottie on June 15th, 2021

For awhile, I was concerned about my data on this site.  My concern was mostly around the dramatic rise of Opendoor, and a skepticism re: how a company can grow that quickly.  To address that concern, I did additional analysis by comparing the listings on Opendoor to what appears on other sites (mostly Zillow.)  Again and again, the analysis confirmed that Opendoor's growth was real.

Turns out, the data on this site is wrong, but not in the direction I first thought.  Opendoor actually has MORE listings that what I show here.  Based on a deeper review of their website, they have about 200 additional listings that I don't capture (about 10% of what I show).  

For now, I'll add this caveat to some of the reporting on the site.  Will evaluate how to capture these additional listings ongoing.  

If you're interested in some of the sausage making re: where these listings are, and how I missed them, read on...

First, here's what the listings look like on opendoor if you go to Atlanta and then just zoom out:

If you add up all the numbers, you get 2,031 listings.  Now, if you zoom into the Las Vegas area from this map, you don't see any listings.  However, if you go here, you see about 50 listings in Vegas:

For some (really odd reason), many of the cities that appear at the very bottom of this page aren't in the overall map.  A few have a whole bunch of listings (notably, Vegas, Portland, Minneapolis, and Salt Lake City.)  At the same time, some of the cities show 0 listings, and clicking on Kansas City sends you to this page:

I imagine this wierdness isn't part of some larger strategy, but rather some technical glitch they need to get around to fixing.  They (understandably) aren't prioritizing the home shopping experience, so they're ok living for awhile with various glitches.  

In the meantime (until I fix my side or they fix their's), I would expect that my site will undercount Opendoor listings by about 10%.


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