Is Zillow finally catching up? Yes!

by Ottie on August 1st, 2021

Looking at the trends over the last few weeks, we're finally seeing Zillow increasing at a faster rate compared to Openoor.  Here's a graph showing just Zillow and Opendoor for sale iBuyer listings since we started tracking the data:

You can see the the orange line (Zillow) going up faster than the blue line (Opendoor) over the last few weeks.  

What does Opendoor's lead look like as a # and % delta?  Here:

Earlier in the year, Opendoor was as much as 434% higher than Zillow (1040 vs. 197 on May 4th.)  Now, Opendoor is "only" 73% higher (3275 vs. 1893).   So net net, Zillow still has a long long way to go to catch up to Opendoor (assuming they want to), but at least they've turned the corner over the last few weeks.  

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